Wind Farms 2020

Australia’s wind industry has been driven by the Renewable Energy Target, designed to ensure 23.5% of Australia’s energy is generated from clean, renewable sources by 2020. Additionally, individual targets have been set in place with Canberra powering towards 100% renewable energy by 2020, South Australia hitting its state target of 50% eight years early and the Victorian Government committing to 25% by 2020. While this is a country-wide scheme, it is evident that there are promising signs for the future of growth of the industry with initiatives taking place in each state.

Despite 2016 seeing a positive clean-energy investment, including just over $1.8 billion in wind financings, many developers and operators to date are still challenged with finding the best financing and delivery models to fast track construction and ensure project bankability. With this in mind, IQPC is proud to host the 6th Annual Wind Farms 2020 Summit, bringing together key leaders to address the most pressing issues in Australia’s Wind Farm Industry.

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Main Themes will include, but not be limited to:


·         Building a business case to enhance maturity on wind farm design, risk planning and technical issues to help reach the 2020 target


·         Utilising Wind Energy Guidelines and Action Plans to assist in decision making on wind energy development


·         Collaboration, succession planning and building your criteria to invest in the right people and resources to accelerate project development


·         Developing consistency and approaches to involving communities and pre-consultation to improve community engagement and acceptance of project delivery


·         Achieving security and long term sale of power through PPAs and partnerships with network operators


Reviewing wind farm design, site identification and planning to ensure compliance and minimise risk & system disturbances

The 6th Annual Wind Farms 2020 will include:

  • Case Studies an best practice examples by Australia’s leading Wind Energy Professionals
  • Interactive discussions including expert led panels and roundtables
  • Presence of prospective providers
  • Incredible networking opportunities
  • Interactive workshops to help you work through the most pressing challenges and develop key strategies you can implement back on the job

What will you take out of this Event?

Proven and practical experience is guaranteed at the 6th Annual Wind Farms 2020 Conference. Valuable ideas and practices will be experienced first hand through case studies presented by executives. You will learn from national renewables experts to gain insights, identify opportunities and take away key strategies for successful project deliverability, project bankability, gaining investor buy in and implementing & establishing effective technologies to reach the RET in Australia.

Who will you meet at the 6th Annual Wind Farms 2020 Conference?

  •  Wind Farm Operators
  •  Wind Farm Developers
  •  Electricity Retailers
  •  Transmission & Distribution
  •  Federal, State and Local Government
  •  Vendors & Solutions Providers

In the Roles of:

  •  Renewables & Wind Energy
  •  Energy Trading
  •  Clean Energy Development
  •  Corporate Ventures
  •  Network Reliability
  •  Connection Strategy
  •  Business Development & Portfolio